Basic Lighting Ideas

Each room has its own unique characteristics. In this article, let me give you some basic information that will help you choose the most appropriate product for the space you are designing for.

Lighting design starts with planning. You need to decide what type of lighting is required and how much do you need. There are three basic elements in lighting: Ambient or General Lighting, Task and Accent Lighting.

Ambient lighting is a general illumination that comes from all directions in a room that has no visible source. This type of lighting is in contrast to directional lighting. Ambient lighting is also considered as background lighting which is best for everyday lighting but not particularly good for working light or creating a feature effect. Good examples are chandeliers and pendants.

Task lighting can be referred as office lighting, where the task light is used to increase illuminance on a specific area. This is commonly use as task lamp, kitchen lamp and office table lamp. Surprisingly, the illuminance level is not the only factor governing visibility. Contrast is also important, and a poorly positioned light source may cause contrast reduction. Moreover, Task lighting is directed to a specific area applying the right amount of illuminance and contrast to provide safety and convinience in working. Classic example of this type is gooseneck lights. Originally this luminaire use within warehouses and farms. It allows wide span of light to reflect down where you need it the most. Another example for this category is rlm lighting.

Accent lighting should create a visual interest to a room or space. Directional lighting is used to emphasize a paticular object or to draw attention to an item. It can be use to highlight pictures, artwork, plants, walls and other objects that create accent. Gooseneck lights are commonly use for accent lighting and can also be use for sign lighting. This is one of the more overlooked sign considerations for many establishments  This is even better than advertising. As a matter of fact research shows that sign lighting provides a formidable increase in sales by 107%.

Combining the three elements create layers of light that make your design attractive for anyone who visits your place. 

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