A Perfect Store For You and For Your customers

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‘Perfect stores' are just right to boost brands. But what do you think makes your store perfect in the first place? Typically, there are few simple things you should consider to boost your store like getting stocks and new launches to your store in a quick time, competitive price of your services, organized arrangement of goods and providing fresh and quality products in your store. Most sellers are more focused on their supplied goods. They believe that the more goods they provide the more sales they get. This might be true but following the law of supply and demand, I doubt that this will still be a good strategy.

I recently read a book written by Seth Godin entitled, "Survival is not Enough". It was mentioned that competition is everywhere and you have to keep up the way everything evolves. Since there is evolution, stability is not a perfect goal for your store. You should consider the way how outside things change - your competitors and your customers. Ideas, innovations and implementations are going to change everything as these go along with the competition.

Let's make this simple. You have to determine what are the needs and wants of your customer and outsmart your competitor with services that you are providing. Always consider negative and positive comments and feedback from your customer during their stay and using your services. Always welcome the change that might happen to improve your services and your marketing plan as well. The greatest thing that you need to do is to implement your ideas according to plan.

As we observed, there are stores that last for several years even decades and there are others who can't cope up with the change and last only for months. Of course, you don't want your store vanished into thin air right? Let me tell you my own insights on how to make your store a prefect one, for you and for your customer.

We know for the fact that most of the stores today have their own way to survive and to expand. Your store should have its own way too. But what do you think is the best way to compete with them and stand out from the rest? These are the 3 simple things you must consider to outrun your competitor and to become a perfect store for you and for your customer.

1. Know your competitors
2. Signs and Lighting for Bearing of your store
3. Inside store experience

Know Your Competitors

To know your competitors, you must become your competitor. This is exactly true. If you know how your competitors behave in the world of competition, you will surely have an advantage to win the game.

Signs and Lighting for Bearing

Most of the stores and commercial establishments have some type of outdoor lighting, it may be for security flood lights, road lights or architectural lights. Ideally Gooseneck lights are commonly used for store to light the signs without any intrusion of the fixture into a logo of your store. They look much more sophisticated than any sign lights available in the market. Choose a good gooseneck light that matches the color and concept of your store. Another thing that you need to focus on is the sign or logo of your store. Making it visible and understandable to your customer will bring in more shoppers and visitors. If you need more assistance on getting the right lighting devices for your store and how to install gooseneck lights, bring the specifications to an expert and he will definitely give you some insights. Considering this idea can subconsciously advertise your store to people passing by, especially at night to bring customer through your doors.

Inside Store Experience

If you are a customer, what do you think you want inside the store apart from getting the goods you need? You should think of getting exceptional experience. Typically, buyers always think of comparing your services from the rest. Thus, give them something that they wish for. Good customer service is one of the things they need. A happy smile and greetings from your employees can be demanding but this can provide a positive feedback to your store. Enough personnel for assistance, products and services for your customer is always important and should be organized. Your store ambience and temperature should be friendly and attractive to your customers as well. Signs and lightings are also needed inside the premises. Indoor gooseneck lights are also good on some part of the store to light your hanging signs and products. Hanging signs surely add beauty and provide a one of a kind inside store experience. Moreover, they can be overlooked by businesses that are missing the opportunity to be seen by potential customers after dusk. Sign lights, sign lighting and hanging signs can be mounted to the wall pointed towards the blade sign or sign lights and sign lighting can be integrated into the bracket that holds the hanging blade sign.

I mentioned on the first part of this article that comments and feedbacks should be considered. You can put a little dropbox inside or outside your store to collect the feedbacks and comments from your customer and should be addressed as soon as possible.

These are definitely icing on a cake! But remember great things comes from simple beginnings. I hope that these simple things can make your store a perfect one for you and for you customer. Good luck!

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